You are (not) alone


In the morning of invisible beatings

To constricted stomachs

From the frost of the past

To the endless injustice

In the depths of a starless night

And the silence of the spines

When despair tears apart

I implore you


You are not alone

Ask for help

Help will come.

Foolish Beast


Roll, you foolish beast
’cause dreams cloud your eyes
And tender desires leave your skin swollen
Now scream until your words burn
Now beg until the stars fall from the sky
Until memory is forgotten or transformed
And may your smile be a banner of hope.
Let the ashes of your violence fly high
Let the enemies of your ambition dig their graves
Let all the foundations fall
And the walls of your house fall down
And there, in the middle of nowhere
You will roll again, you foolish beast.

Call of the Void.


The portrait of progress is me

Waiting in the house, forever and ever

Those who leave go somewhere, it’s their turn, they were called.

When they come back they throw punches and kicks

To the boxes with food that is not enough for everyone.

They are the laughter of the children their parents met

Where deep is the path that leads to nothingness.

And the rest of the beings now hang from their hands

On the edge of oblivion the herd is fed.

The sky is hungry and the gods are awake

Others die at the side of the road, far from our gaze

And they burn in the fire, far from their children, from their mothers

There are no witnesses, but thorns buried in the ground.

But the boss greets me, the morning coffee

And the mold in the air tickles in the throat.

The lady in the subway feels like throwing herself on the rails

But now there are more than twenty between her and the edge

But you can follow your way, old friend or acquaintance

Let your steps echo in mystical realms

And your sleeping eye now reveal souls in stereo

Inside this bag of stars where nothing stays

Everything passes and is annihilated, transformed and bleeding

And don’t forget, the hours of the Earth are accounted for.