To go away.

picture by Alain Pérennès (Alain Pérennès (@alainw14) • Instagram photos and videos)

I had a dream the other night
I was looking to the far side of the plain
There was a tree with a strange shape.
The path written in the grass led to the other side.
Toward the smoke and fire.
Time kept moving forward and didn’t let me breathe
Someone was screaming, crying
I didn’t look
I had to keep walking, I knew
But my feet were against me
My heart crushed
The shadow upright in the sky wanted to touch the clouds
Black arms, columns of burnt wings
And the end of all things.
It was a dream
Was it?
Will I ever reach that plain?
What will I do then?
Crying won’t solve it
Running won’t fix it.

Hold me
Don’t let go of me
I don’t want to go, please…
One more day
One more minute
One second
Before the end of everything
Of the stars
Of the galaxies
Of our memories
Until the surface of all things change
And nothing can be recognized
Will I ever see you again?
Once I let go of your hand
Because I can’t ask you to stay
To go away
I can’t do anything
And it kills me.

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