Baptism (chapter II)



Images on the television screen.

Explosions, protests, empty supermarket shelves, robberies, etc.

Graphics on TV news:

“Millions of people disappear in the blink of an eye.”

“Collapse of civilization.”

“Is this the end of the world?”



Elle watches TV sitting on the living room floor, the curtains closed, the place dark.

We recommend our viewers to stay safe at home.


Elle checks the shelves.

A couple of cans of preserved food left.

The refrigerator empty, except for some wilted vegetables.

She closes the refrigerator door.


She opens the front door with the intention of going out.

Stops when looking outside.

Her neighbors are finishing packing up their car.

Looking nervous.

They get into the car and drive off at high speed.

Elle’s gaze now turns to the house across the street.

A HUSBAND (45) finishes packing in the back of a van, boxes of canned food visible.

His WIFE (42) walks out of the house, leaving the door open. She hurries to the van.


A group of five men approach the van as the husband closes the back door.

Elle can’t understand the men’s voices from the distance.

Sees them point to the boxes with food.

The Husband tries to close the van door, shaking his head.

One of the men points a gun at Husband and shoots him on sight.

His body falls to his knees in the middle of the street.

As the men go through the boxes inside the van, the Wife screams in despair.

Hugging her dead husband on the floor.

She looks around desperate.

She sees Elle staring at her from the doorway.

The two exchange glances for a second. Elle closes the door.

(gunshot sound)



Elle wakes up sitting on the floor and leaning with her back against the door.

Her eyes swollen from tears.

The place is completely dark and silent.

She gets up and turns the light on the switch.

Doesn’t work.

She approaches the living room window, moves the curtains carefully to look out onto the street.

Outside, she can see there’s no light in the whole neighborhood.

The dead bodies of husband and wife are still lying in the middle of the street.

Elle can see light coming from inside the house across the street.

Light from torches.

She backs away.

But a guy with a torch, just outside the window, sees her through the curtains.

Elle slowly steps back from the window.


Her breathing as contained as humanly possible.


The window glass shatters into a thousand pieces.

The curtains catch fire.

Flames rise quickly in front of Elle’s eyes.

Someone knocks on the front door, hard.

Knocks again, harder and harder.

Elle runs to the hallway.

The door yields to the knocking.

She makes it to the—


Where she locks herself in and moves quickly to the window.

Steps outside the bathroom door.

Someone tries to open it, moves the knob hard.

Elle opens the bathroom window and rushes into the—


Where he falls heavily on the grass.

She gets up in pain and runs to the backyard.

Reaches the back wall, stops and looks back towards the house.

Two men approach with torches in their hands.

Elle jumps to grab the edge of the wall and with all her strength lifts her body to pass to the other side.

A bullet hits the wall.

She lets go because of the shock, falls backwards on the—


Hitting the floor causes Elle to lose all the air in her lungs.

she chokes.

It takes her a while to catch her breath.

She can see the torchlight approaching.

Illuminating the treetop next to the wall.

Elle gets up from the grass and runs into the house.

A woman is looking at her through the curtains of the window.

The woman hides when she notices that Elle has seen her.

Elle slaps the glass with the palm of her hands in desperation.

Help me, please! please!

No response.

The men reach the wall and try to pass through to the other side.

Elle runs across the patio to the exit fence of the house.

The gate is closed.

The men make it through to the other side of the wall.

They are in the patio.

Elle climbs the fence nervously.

Tries to get through to the other side, but her jeans get caught on one of the top spikes of the fence.

A new shot grazes her left ear.

Elle lets go, her jeans crack and she falls on the sidewalk of the—


Elle tries to get up quickly, but is unable to do so because of the wound on her leg.

The men continue to advance toward her.

She endures the pain, manages to get up.

Limps forward, but after a short walk she gains speed and continues towards the corner and towards the—


Where she attempts to stop a passing vehicle.

However, the vehicle evades her and continues to move forward at full speed.

Desperate, she looks around the corner.

No one is visible nearby.

From the main street, in the distance, a van approaches.

Elle runs in the direction of the van.

She raises her hands and signals for the van to stop.

Stop! Stop, please!

The van arrives at Elle, stops.

The side door opens.

Inside, it’s full of people, women, children.

Get inside, hurry!

Elle gets into the—


Where people make space for her to sit.

(to the driver)
Please, we have to go, now!

The driver nods and looks back to the road, preparing to move forward when—

A bullet hits the windshield and pierces his throat.

People inside the van scream in fear.

Elle keeps looking out the window.

A group of ten, maybe more men, all in similar farmer attire, approach the van.

The men beat the windows of the van with wooden rods violently.

Then they reach in and grab people.

Aggressively dragging them out.

Some passengers try to hold the side door, but are unable to hold on.

Elle holds on to the seat so as not to be dragged out, but she is unable to do so.

The men push her out.

(Elle’s scream echoes).

(to be continued…)

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