Defend yourself

Wolves are coming back

They’re at the gates of my house

They come again and again

With their claws burying deep

Pressing hard

Against me, against my flesh

But I keep here, inside

And I keep being me, my story

But the wolves are there

They’ve always been there

Building roads I don’t want to cross

Pushing me to stop

To espectate

To see what is not mine

But I’m not gonna watch

I have my own mirror to reflect

My own canvas to paint

My own name to hang on the wall

It’s me remember?

Yes, I’m myself

The rest, I don’t care

The rest, I don’t wanna know

It doesn’t matter to me

Never did, never will

So, fuck off scum!

Go to that place where you’ve never been before


Cause no one cares for the devil

And the devil cares for every one

That’s the name of the game

I will not play.

4 thoughts on “Defend yourself

  1. Oh wow as I began I was thin king this is my story of being an artist. Then the canvas and not playing the game. So good so good!


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