To live without saying goodbye.

We’re the shadows of the world

The strange ones

There are no stories about us

No songs to celebrate our deeds

The wind doesn’t know our names

Our ashes won’t return to the earth

Our pain will stay here

Even if we go away

And our smiles forever fade

In a painters regret

Yet I’m so glad to have met you

Stayed with you for a while

Listen to you

Remember you

Miss you

Hurt you.


I just lost everything

Every inch of myself, gone

Every beat of my heart, wrong

Every step ever taken, mistaken

The will

The thinker said

Was the only thing in the end

Without it, we cannot live

With it, we cannot let others live

So, what’s the point?

Hurt others and come through

Hurt yourself and be forgotten

I wonder…

Which way leads to heaven

And then I remember

There is no heaven.