Men in black (1997)

Men in Black… I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this movie before, but I have to be honest, when watching it last night it was the first time, I could really understand Jay’s character, and the thing is, the movie practically throws it in your face. It happens after the two main protagonists, Jay and Kay, go to the farm where the antagonist lands. After talking to the wife of the first victim, Kay explains to Jay why having a bug on the planet is a bad thing, he says “imagine a  big cockroach with unlimited strength and a massive inferiority complex…” and you have to pay close attention to Jay’s reaction when listening to this, specially the “inferiority complex” part to really understand him. There are other subtleties like this throughout this movie, nuances of the characters that elevates this comedy into space and beyond and make me understand why it had and still has such success.

But let’s start from the beginning, right? So, what’s Men in Black about? Is about this agency, right? They control and administrate alien visitors that come to earth while protecting the general human population from knowing and openly interacting with visitors from outer space. Kay, who’s one of the top agents, has been looking for a new partner since his last one retires, he finds Jay, a young police officer eager to prove to everyone (and I mean everyone!) that he’s not a boy or kid or whatever, but he’s ready to assume greater responsibilities. So together they face this new threat, this bug that comes to Earth to find a galaxy hidden in a cat’s collar, starting a war response from the owners of such galaxy and the possible destruction of earth.

Now, I have to say, watching this amazing world come together under Jay’s eyes is a joy ride, simply put the movie is top notch fun and the characters are so well written that they leave the audience with that everlasting feeling of knowing them from before. Even the female character, that lady who works at the morgue, even she has this value to her character and we’re talking 1997, in those years these type of blockbuster were so disrespectful to woman, but this isn’t! I mean, not that much! What I think is incredible, apart from the characters work, is that this movie has one scene that is iconic in movie history, such thing is no easy task. I refer to the scene where the bug is escaping in the spacecraft and the heroes shot him back to the ground. What an amazing accomplishment of technical prowess and ingenuity. So, I really don’t know what the hell are you waiting there, not going to watch this amazing movie. Just forget about the sequel, I mean the second one is not that bad, not as bad as the third one anyways.

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