In this age and time

We were forced to leave everything behind

Even ourselves

So much that we can’t remember anymore

Cloudy beyond the pain


You think it’ll come back?

Or miracles left us

Waiting for a sign of god

I feel I’ve wasted my life

I’t’s because things are bad

Worst than bad

Many people have died

So much that bright days hurt

Tender smiles cause envy

And shooting blanks into the night

Won’t stop the arrows in our hearts

So stay

Start over

Accept your place

The real one

There, where you’re being yourself.

To live without saying goodbye.

We’re the shadows of the world

The strange ones

There are no stories about us

No songs to celebrate our deeds

The wind doesn’t know our names

Our ashes won’t return to the earth

Our pain will stay here

Even if we go away

And our smiles forever fade

In a painters regret

Yet I’m so glad to have met you

Stayed with you for a while

Listen to you

Remember you

Miss you

Hurt you.


I just lost everything

Every inch of myself, gone

Every beat of my heart, wrong

Every step ever taken, mistaken

The will

The thinker said

Was the only thing in the end

Without it, we cannot live

With it, we cannot let others live

So, what’s the point?

Hurt others and come through

Hurt yourself and be forgotten

I wonder…

Which way leads to heaven

And then I remember

There is no heaven.

Defend yourself

Wolves are coming back

They’re at the gates of my house

They come again and again

With their claws burying deep

Pressing hard

Against me, against my flesh

But I keep here, inside

And I keep being me, my story

But the wolves are there

They’ve always been there

Building roads I don’t want to cross

Pushing me to stop

To espectate

To see what is not mine

But I’m not gonna watch

I have my own mirror to reflect

My own canvas to paint

My own name to hang on the wall

It’s me remember?

Yes, I’m myself

The rest, I don’t care

The rest, I don’t wanna know

It doesn’t matter to me

Never did, never will

So, fuck off scum!

Go to that place where you’ve never been before


Cause no one cares for the devil

And the devil cares for every one

That’s the name of the game

I will not play.

To go away.

picture by Alain Pérennès (Alain Pérennès (@alainw14) • Instagram photos and videos)

I had a dream the other night
I was looking to the far side of the plain
There was a tree with a strange shape.
The path written in the grass led to the other side.
Toward the smoke and fire.
Time kept moving forward and didn’t let me breathe
Someone was screaming, crying
I didn’t look
I had to keep walking, I knew
But my feet were against me
My heart crushed
The shadow upright in the sky wanted to touch the clouds
Black arms, columns of burnt wings
And the end of all things.
It was a dream
Was it?
Will I ever reach that plain?
What will I do then?
Crying won’t solve it
Running won’t fix it.

Hold me
Don’t let go of me
I don’t want to go, please…
One more day
One more minute
One second
Before the end of everything
Of the stars
Of the galaxies
Of our memories
Until the surface of all things change
And nothing can be recognized
Will I ever see you again?
Once I let go of your hand
Because I can’t ask you to stay
To go away
I can’t do anything
And it kills me.

You are (not) alone


In the morning of invisible beatings

To constricted stomachs

From the frost of the past

To the endless injustice

In the depths of a starless night

And the silence of the spines

When despair tears apart

I implore you


You are not alone

Ask for help

Help will come.

Foolish Beast


Roll, you foolish beast
’cause dreams cloud your eyes
And tender desires leave your skin swollen
Now scream until your words burn
Now beg until the stars fall from the sky
Until memory is forgotten or transformed
And may your smile be a banner of hope.
Let the ashes of your violence fly high
Let the enemies of your ambition dig their graves
Let all the foundations fall
And the walls of your house fall down
And there, in the middle of nowhere
You will roll again, you foolish beast.

Call of the Void.


The portrait of progress is me

Waiting in the house, forever and ever

Those who leave go somewhere, it’s their turn, they were called.

When they come back they throw punches and kicks

To the boxes with food that is not enough for everyone.

They are the laughter of the children their parents met

Where deep is the path that leads to nothingness.

And the rest of the beings now hang from their hands

On the edge of oblivion the herd is fed.

The sky is hungry and the gods are awake

Others die at the side of the road, far from our gaze

And they burn in the fire, far from their children, from their mothers

There are no witnesses, but thorns buried in the ground.

But the boss greets me, the morning coffee

And the mold in the air tickles in the throat.

The lady in the subway feels like throwing herself on the rails

But now there are more than twenty between her and the edge

But you can follow your way, old friend or acquaintance

Let your steps echo in mystical realms

And your sleeping eye now reveal souls in stereo

Inside this bag of stars where nothing stays

Everything passes and is annihilated, transformed and bleeding

And don’t forget, the hours of the Earth are accounted for.