How thinking about PLOT can make your STORY better?

How? Really? Are you really asking that question… C’mon! plot is like the spine of your story, it’s the foundation on top of which everything else rests. A classic definition of it would be; “The main events of a story devised and presented as an interrelated sequence”. Now, there are two things on this definition that are worth thinking about:

Main events: A sum of actions or events that occur in the story.

Interrelated: A connected order for these actions or events to happen.

So, a typical question for nerd people be something like; What’s the difference between PLOT and STORY?

You know? I bet u do, right? But in case u don’t, here’s the thing…

  • Story is what happens.
  • Plot is what happens in the connected order.

An example of this:

  • Story: A dude died and then a woman died.
  • Plot: A dude died and then a woman died of grief.

Got it? Okay, so “died of grief” implies a causal relation between both deaths, a connection.

Now, back to the initial question.

Does any of this help you make your story better?

Well yeah! Just think about it, plot can be thought as a chain of events in which previous events act as cause for next ones and so on!

Now you can write any dumbass story you want by following two simple rules:

  • Any event leads to another.
  • Any event comes from a previous one.  

I know, I know, plot is much more than that. I mean stories can be as simple or complex as your imagination can make them. Over the next weeks we’ll be diving into the fabric of stories and maybe figure out why some of them are so awesome!

But for now… Go write!!

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