Here’s a COOL approach to PLOT that can summarize everything we’ve been talking about until now!

Okay, so we’ve been talking about it for a while now, the PLOT thing. And I also want to say that I’ve read a few screenplays this week and most of them have good dialogues, descent or great descriptions and overall entertaining action, but most of them fail at the plot department. Simply put, the answer to “what’s the story about?” and time and time again I’ve been reading confusing answers to this question. There is a general sense of the concadenation between the scenes, that one and the other are linked by some sort of sense, some direction forward, yet most of them set something and finish it without taking the time to explore the subject in hand, while others don’t even start it at all.

This is why it’s so important to have an idea of a plot, in a sense we’re talking about the whole universe of the story moving through the character, shaping him into a new sense of being wether he triumphs or fails.

So! Here’s a cool way to think about plot in a meaningful yet simple way.

  • A story starts with an initial action, usually a highly dramatic one.
  • The background is the context that offers vivid and crucial information to determine our main character’s actions in the story.
  • In the development phase usually the background causes problems  in present time because of the initial action, which brings background to the present via conflict.
  • Also, in the development you outline what your character wants and what’s standing in their way.
  • In the climax there’s a key twist for the story, where all the threads come together.
  • The climax usually ends in a decision to be made.
  • The ending is what happens to your character after the climax.

There you have it! And I also feel that we’re all understanding a key element in plot, the elements combining together, merging into the character’s path. And this is I feel the most important thing to keep in mind about the whole concept of structure, the thread that connects all the elements is the protagonist, the character and their emotional journey into the unknown, into change.

Okay, that’s the last thing we’ll talk about plot for a little while, but we’ll obviously come back to it at a later time because it’s such an important part of  a story. Next time we’ll talk a bit about the minimal dramatic structure, the scene!

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