Dune (2021)

I never thought there would be a day when I would say something like this, but Dune and director Denis Villeneuve really went way too far on the movie references. I mean the general aesthetics and feeling of the movie, at least for the first half of it, is a shameless mashup of GOT, Star Wars and some very recognizable Nolan’s cinematography. Yet somewhere along the line, someone must have notice this, because by the end of the movie you really start feeling that the thing is walking in its own legs.

So, is the movie good or bad? I think neither.

But let’s start from the top, shall we? The movie is about this family/house, kinda in the same vein as in GOT (okay okay, Dune came first… yeez) that is threaten by an Emperor that fears them. This emperor sends the family, who’s name I can’t even recall… Let me see… house Atreides, to a planet that is essentially a giant desert, to oversight the recollection of the “spice”, a valuable commodity that enables ships for interstellar travelling. But as it turns out, the whole thing was a trap and soon there’s an attack to wipe all of the Atreideans? From existence. In the midst of all of this we find our protagonist Paul, the duke’s heir and the awakening of his powers and of his own legacy.

Uhm… I want to take some time with something about this character, Paul. I don’t think I know anything about him, other than he’s constantly being pushed by her mother and father to do things he doesn’t even understand. Some people even call him a sort of prophecy, yet there’s little we actually learn from him in the movie. You know what the problem is here? This guy is constantly being tormented by visions of things that haven’t even happen yet. So is not like he’s trying to change, he doesn’t have a ghost or a past, he’s actually becoming something and this is his problem, there’s a path he doesn’t seem able to escape from. So, I guess this movie is about him accepting this fate, right?

Anyway, it sounds kinda interesting but it really isn’t that interesting. Is not like the movie is bad or anything, but it felt uninspired to me. Consider this, almost the entire movie transpires in a desert, the most simple and tedious of scenarios. And I know, there are great movies in deserts, that’s a fair statement, is just that Dune isn’t one of them. I guess the editor knew about this as they populated the entire movie with music score, I mean, there’s not a single time when the audio isn’t telling you how you’re supposed to feel! What’s up with that? And the movie is 2:30 hours long!! I mean… what da hell!!       

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